Long long ago in a land far far away, around an hour or so and about a mile there was a large green hill full of little holes.  Out of these holes would every now

and again pop two fluffy tailed bunny rabbits who would then hop around until one bunny caught the other and jumped on its back and bounced up and down

for a bit. There was lots and lots of this happening but in one of the holes sat a little bunny called Flopsie.  “Oh I do wish Roger was able to chase me around

and bounce up and down on me” she sighed to herself.  She loved Roger lots but was desperate to have little bunnies of her own and poor old Roger even

though he had big balls just didn’t have a big enough cock to get inside her, this and the size of his balls didn’t help at all.  Poor Roger was a little depressed

as well because it did half hurt when he tried hopping after Flopsie, every time he hopped his balls would bang the ground.


 “We must solve this problem” Flopsie pleaded with Roger “I know my dearest but what can I do” He whined. “I think we need to go and visit Dr Hunny Bunny”

Floppsie said with a sternness and determination Roger hadn’t heard before. “Oh ok if you think it’ll help” Roger said wondering at same time how a doctor

whose speciality was treating does could help him.  They made an appointment and soon were in Hunny Bunny’s very private clinic, one that Roger didn’t

know existed until now.  Strange sort of place Roger thought looking around the room they had been ushered into. All around on shelves and hanging up

were a very odd selection of instruments for a doctor, I mean why would a doctor need a whip and what use would a false cock be. You see Roger had had

a very sheltered life and although intelligent and good at his job wasn’t very well versed in the ways of rabbit alternative lifestyles, he sometimes wondered

what Flopsie saw in him but was content that despite his shortcomings she loved him.  “So Flopsie what Can I do for you today.” “I need you to do something

about Rogers balls,“ “ Umm ok but I’m afraid there may be permanent problems afterwards.” “Roger, I need you to undress and hop up on my special couch”

the gorgeous Dr commanded in a very authorative voice. Taken slightly by surprise Roger did as he was told and hopped up and lay down on the couch. He

was even more surprised when Hunny Bunny pushed his legs apart and fastened them into the leg supports either side of the couch.  “I need you to be quite

while I do what I have to” Before Roger could question why a ball gag was pushed into his mouth and fastened in place. Thus immobilised with his legs spread

and balls hanging down Hunny Bunny began her delicate operation. She slid what looked like a very long needle attached to a syringe down through the hole

in the centre of his  tiny cock which made Roger want to yell out, but due to the gag he couldn’t and had to just endure the strange sensation, after a few short

seconds Hunny Bunny pulled back on the syringe and as she did so lots of milky cream flowed out of Roger’s balls making them shrink to almost nothing.

“There that’s done he no longer has large balls but I’m afraid he won’t get a longer cock and it’s unlikely he’ll get any more cream so I’ll keep this on ice for you

to use in the future if you wish.  Roger was let down from the couch and they left for home with him feeling more than a little sore and deflated in more ways

than one.  “Oh Roger you know what I’m going to have to do, I’m going to have to have a Bunny with a big long thick cock fill me up, but we’ll make sure his

cream doesn’t make little bunnies because you can clean me up after” “I know my darling I’m not much use to you that way and of course I’ll keep you clean

but what about babies” Oh I think I need some practice at looking after a baby before I use what’s left of your precious cream, but don’t worry about that let’s

concentrate on my having a big thick cock sliding in and out of me” On the way home they had to pass the hole where a really big handsome Buck Rabbit

called Humper lived.  Floppsie knocked on Humper’s door and when he answered she asked “Humper will you fuck me once a week because poor Roger

isn’t much use” Humper couldn’t believe his ears he’d had his eye on Floppsie for sometime and hopped up and down with eager anticipation “There is just

one condition though and that is show Roger what it is like to have a big thick cock inside him. “err ok but not in front of the other’s I’ll do it in your burrow.”

The deal agreed all three bunnies hopped off to Roger and Floppsie’s burrow and once inside Humper didn’t hesitate and was soon on Roger’s back

thrusting his huge bunny cock in and out of Roger’s only hole, this made Roger squeak but much to his surprise he seemed to enjoy it. Humper having had

enough of fucking Roger withdrew and was soon chasing Floppsie out of the burrow and hopping after her in the warm sunshine and although the other

bunnies were a little surprised at Humper bouncing up and down on Floppsie they took no notice because most of them had used him themselves. After

all bunnies like nothing more than eating and fucking. When Humper had had his fun with Floppsie he thanked her and arranged for the next visit. Watching

Humper happily hopping off to his burrow Floppsie turned and hopped down into her own were on being reunited with Roger she had him clean away

Humper's cream from her little hole “Oh Roger I love the way you do that but your whiskers tickle” she giggled with contentment. When she was nice and

clean she let Roger in on the secret of how she was going to practice with a baby he was going to be her lickle girl baby. Roger wasn’t too sure of this but

he loved Floppsie so agreed and lived happily nappied ever after.


Now you know who fucked Roger Rabbit and why.