9.00 in the morning and I was already in a nappy!.  I'd only got up at 8:30.  Well it was a lovely sunny day, I was feeling happy and horny and  I figured there was no sense in hanging about. So I'd got straight into a big soft nappy and plastic pants. Now after a very messy breakfast (foods a lot more fun when you don't care about how much you spill).  I was sat in my lounge cuddling Belinda bunny whilst sucking on my pink dummy and watching Cbeebies. Then the doorbell rang.


Oh heck I'd forgotten all about my cleaning lady.  I knew I could indulge in baby fun all day since I was off work untill the next week and had made sure I had no callers scheduled, but I hadn't spared a thought for putting off Sweep up Sarah (as I called her). Now here she was at the door with me on the other side in 1 year old mode.  What could I do, I knew she wasn't the sort to just leave and that she'd get annoyed if I took the time to get changed.  If there was a way round revealing my inner infant to her, I couldn't think of it and so with my heart fighting my dummy for space in my mouth I stood up, waddled over and got ready to face who knew what reaction.


I threw the door open and hurried back to my cosy corner where I sat with Belinda, shaking with nerves.  Sarah made her way in, put her stuff down with a cheery "Good morning" then turned round and looked at me.  For a few moments we stared at each other.  Sarah didn't say anything which was understandable.  It's not every day you turn up for some domestic drudgery to find your 32 year old male employer naked except for a nappy.  I couldn't think of anything to say to break the ice either, so I sat taking in Sarahs' eyebrows which had risen to a good 3 inches above their usual position.  It seemed like ages before they settled down and she said "Well hello baby"


I'd been scared, now I was surprised, surely she should be a bit more put off by this sudden insight into my infantilism, but apparently not.  Still not trusting myself to speak I gave a limp little wave in response.  "I didn't expect to see you here this morning" continued Sarah "What's your name then?".  Well if she wasn't bothered there was no point in me being difficult so I came clean.  "Tallulah pwecious" I said throwing in my wittle baby speech impediment for added effect.  "Are you all alone today?" Sarah asked.  i nodded.  She gave a big smile "Aww baby" she sad in a warm motherly voice.  "Who'd leave little Tallullah all by herself.  "You've got no-one to play with have you?


"No" I said getting into the situation a bit.  "Would you like Nanny Sarah to look after you today"


she aked with just the tiniest hint of a naughty twinkle in her eye.  I couldn't belive she was making the offer, but I wasn't going to argue.  I'd imagined what Sarah might be like as an adult baby mummy before now, she had all the right qualities to fit my fantasy.  A tall well built black woman in her early 40's, she was large (cuddly not fat) with a wide inviting lap and an even bigger chest! Together with her kind eyes and jolly voice, I reckoned it would make for an ideal mummy package.  More than once I'd made my nappy sticky with spunk, having a fiddle over thoughts of Sarah getting maternal and now here she was looking to fullfill my fanasy with no prompting at all


Before she could change her mind, I nodded enthusiastically.  "Thats a good baby".  "We'll keep you all warm and cosy" she said as she ruffled my hair.  Standing back up she asked  "Is Nanny's little Tallullah hungry?" "Yes" I replied getting more and more excited by the second.  "You'd like a drink wouldn't you" she asked.  "Yes" I said again in the cutest voice I could muster.  "Now" said Sarah, "Would Tallullah like bottle or booby?"


Was My cleaning lady really happy to breastfeed me? it semed like it and I coould hardly turn her down could I.  "Booby wooby" I said clapping my hands and reaching out to show I was eager to get hold of my new nannys knockers.  Sarah chuckled "I thought so.  Nanny knows what baby likes"she said glancing down between my legs.  My cock had already been hard when Sarah arrived, I'd been thinking about Katy from "I can cook" showing me her new chocolate delight recipie involving lots of sauce and me licking her clean,  woohoo! and it seemed Sarah picked up on it.  "Come on then" said Sarah taking my hand to help me up, "Lets get you your drink".  "Dwinky dwinky" I I said as she led me over to the armchair.  "That's right baby" replied Sarah in a mumsy voice as she shat down.  "Up on nannys lap Tallullah.  That's it good girl.  Now just let nanny get her boobiy woobies ready.2 With that, Sarah began to unbutton her blouse, each button she opened revealed some more of her dark blue bra and made me hungrier for a taste of titty.  When her blouse fell away to show her big soft boobs tightly packed into her bra with the nipples poking through the fabric longing to escape, my hand slid down towards my crotch.  I don't know if Sarah noticed or not, but she didn't say anything in protest, just reached round to unhook her bra.  "Nearly milkey time baby" she said and threw the bra aside.  Her tits were georgous, big and brown with nice suckable nipples full of milk for me.. "Come on then Tallullah don't be shy" Sarah encouraged


"Feeding hungry babies is why Nannys have milky boobie woobies".  She gave a little wiggle which set her boobs swinging and I could wait no longer.  I lent in as Sarah lifted up her right tit and guided me towards the nipple latching onto it, I started sucking and immediately gave a big satisfied sigh.  "Yes" said Sarah, "There's nothing better than Nanny's milk for Tallulah is there" I nodded in agreement but kept my lips fastened around the teat.  The tatse of my busty black cleaners breastmilk corsing down my throat was heavenly, all warm and sweet and just right for Tallulahs morning snack.  Sarah's arms were around me encasing me in a lovely hug as I suckled at her tits.  "We don't need nasty old bottles" she said.  "Nanny knows baby wants it straight from the booby wooby".  Hearing Sarah talk about her beautiful boobs with me while I was feasting on them made my cock throb in my nappy, it was rock hard.  Almost without thinking at all, I slowly slid my hand inside to give it some attention.  Sarah saw  the movement between my legs (she could hardly miss it) and smiled "Tallullah' happy isn't she".  I couldn't reply with a moutful of nipple, but I was more than happy.  Fuck me I was loving it and it was only 9:15, If Sarah was going to stay all day, then wow. I pumped my cock faster and faster, soon I was past control and started tensing as I felt my spunk building, Sarah realised at once and began to talk to spur me on.  "That's it baby, Nanny want's you be happy.  Keep going baby keep going, Nanny want's to see Tallullah do a big creamy in her nappy.  We like creamys dont we, millkey up here, creamy down there.   Would you like Nanny to help with creamy while you finish your milkey.  Yes you would. Good baby"   Lifting my hand out of my nappy, Sarah slipped hers in and gently grasped my cock which almost made me spurt straight away. "You do a creamy for Nanny" she said.  "Then when Nanny changes your sticky nappy, she can lick it up.  That's what Nannys drink.  Milk for baby, creamy for Nanny".  That was it, my spunk shot out, covering my nappy and Sarah's fingers.  "There we are" said Sarah as she gently withdrew her tit form my mouth.  "Nanny and Tallullah happy together".  Sarahs fingers were soaked with spunk when she took her hand out of my nappy.  "Oh what a big creamy" she said in an admiring voice. "Clever baby.  That' ll taste lovely for Nanny". She licked the cream from her fingertips to test, gave an "Mmmm" of approval then said "Now I think you need a new nappy don't you baby?"  I nodded.   "Yes you do.  Down on the floor then and Nanny will clean you up and taste that big creamy".  She went to look for a nappy upstairs as I settled on the floor and realised that even if I tryed to fantasize how the rest of the day would go, it would still be even better in reality.  I also knew I'd take time the next day to sort out the lyrics for "Sissy baby heaven is a naughty busty kinky cleaning lady in Reading" but just now it was changing time.


To becontinued...