Philip relaxed contentedly in the twin pram, and thoughts of previous visits to Madam and Nanny went through his mind as Nanny Rose pushed it slowly along the promenade, The pram was one of an older type that were originally made for twin babies, with a deep well in the middle of it that would have been covered when twins were in it, so an adult baby, if they weren’t too big, could actually sit in it with their legs in the centre well, and they actually looked like a real baby lying back and covered in the pram, with only their head in a baby’s bonnet showing, and sucking on a dummy. So Philip’s lower legs were in the well, and he was lying back on the padded rear support in the pram. He had a nappy on him of course, together with a pair of tight plastic pants, and he was wearing a warm baby suit under the white satin baby dress that went down to his knees. The ribbons holding the woolly bonnet on his head, and the little white socks on his feet, were tied in neat bows, and the dummy in his mouth had been dipped in honey before it went into his eager mouth.


It hadn’t always been as nice as that though. When he first came to visit Madam, he thought he could do as he liked, and unfortunately he’d made a bit of a nuisance of himself, and Nanny had been told to punish him for being such a naughty baby. Nanny wasn’t a nasty person though: far from it, and although she had made him regret his attitude, she hadn’t been at all severe to him, either then or afterwards.


What she had done though, was to put him into a high-sided cot in the Nursery when he refused to use the potty when she told him to sit down on it for a pee.  He’d refused to have a pee or open his bowels, so she’d scolded him and spanked his bottom and put him into the cot with a nappy and plastic pants on to protect him. She also fastened a baby harness around him that had little bells on it, that let her know if he was moving about, and Baby Philip had wriggled about restlessly in the large high cot. The nappy that she’d put on him was bothering him, because after she left him there he wet the nappy, and he knew it was his own fault. The truth of that hadn’t helped him, and he was also a bit uncomfortable because of the leather restraining harness that she had fastened around him and the restraints on his wrists when she put him into the cot.


As he was an adult Baby, Nanny had enclosed his wrists in soft leather cuffs and fastened them to the sides of the cot to stop him from getting up or out of the cot, but he couldn’t reach the buckles on the straps anyway, and even if he’d been able to do that, he didn’t dare let himself loose, otherwise Nanny would have probably spanked him again. She’d used her hand to do that, and it had surprised him that she hadn’t used a strap or a paddle. He could have shouted of her of course, but she’d hung a very large dummy on the corner of the cot when she left him there, and he didn’t want that put in his mouth to keep him quiet, He guessed, rightly as it happened, that it was only put there to warn him not to do that.


She was a big woman, and a lot stronger that she looked. When Madam had interviewed him, and then told him to strip, he began to argue about it, so Madam had told Nanny to take all his clothes off. He’d tried to resist her, but she had brushed aside his resistance with ease. That was the first time she spanked him, because he’d just arrived for the first time at Madam’s place that morning, and he wasn’t one of her adult babies at the time, so she didn’t hold back at all. She had taken hold of him firmly and stripped him bare before she spanked him hard, and the reason for that was because he was using bad language to her. So when Madam told her that he was there as an adult baby, she scolded him, and put him into the cot for a couple of hours, and told him sternly that he would have to apologise to her before she would release him from in there.


Since then though, she had been as nice as could be to him, as she was with all of her babies. She fed them, dressed them, and pampered them all, but they were expected to do as they were told when Nanny spoke to them, and she always dressed them in attractive and clean baby clothes. She never forgot to slip a nice tasting dummy into a baby’s mouth when it was needed, or let them play with the many toys in the nursery while she was busy with something or other.


Babies were bathed twice a day, and the nappies were usually changed at once when it was necessary. Occasionally, she would cuddle one of them on her knees for half an hour, and perhaps allow that baby to suck on one of her large breasts, but only if baby was upset for some reason, or he/she was very shy and needed comforting. Baby Philip liked her to do that, it was very comforting to him, and besides that, it gave him pleasurable feelings at his crotch, which he didn’t dare mention, but Nanny very rarely touched her babies there, except when she was bathing them, unless Madam had told her that the baby needed to get rid of certain feelings, and that baby should be milked, as she put it.


It had only happened once to baby Philip, and he smiled dreamily as he recollected the occasion. Madam had given Nanny her instructions, and Nanny carried them out faithfully. It happened during his second visit there, and he was in dispute with Madam about something or other, and he got quite a surprise after Nanny had bathed and dried him that morning, because she didn’t put a nappy on him straight away, as he expected her to do. She took him back into the Nursery and laid him face down in the cot. She then took hold of his arms, one at a time, and tied them firmly together with soft nylon rope, and then put straps around his ankles and his knees.


He’d cried out and complained at that, but she just ignored him, rolled him onto his side, and bent his legs back, to tie his ankles to his wrists in a hog-tie, and he could barely move after she did that. ‘Just keep quiet, darling,’ she told him softly, ‘Nanny’s not going to hurt you, so just relax, and Nanny will soon make you feel a lot better.’ He shut up when she said that, and watched her pull on a pair of rubber gloves, put some lubricant onto them, and then as he was quite naked she hold of his flaccid dick.


It wasn’t flaccid for long, because she was obviously quite an expert in what began to do, and how she did it. His dick engorged and went hard as she pushed back his foreskin and caressed his balls, and a few minutes later his dick spurted its juices. In relief and satisfaction he stopped gasping and squealing and thrashing about, as Nanny smiled and eased her attentions to him. He’d enjoyed it immensely, and he relaxed, as he thought she was finished.


The respite was only for about half a minute though, because she started again, and in no time at all he was squealing his head off once more, and thrashing about in ecstasy, as she devoted herself to ‘milking’ him thoroughly, and doing what Madam thought he needed. It was just as well that she’d put him in bondage, he mused in the pram, otherwise he would probably have grabbed hold of Nanny in his excitement, and he was well aware that it would have been a disastrous move for him to make, as she was quite capable of overpowering him at any time, and she wouldn’t have allowed him to do that.


She’d put a blanket over him in the cot, and left him to recover after she untied him, and when she came back later she took him into the bathroom and bathed him again, but she made no comment on what she’d done, and had never mentioned it to him since.


He stretched and relaxed in the luxurious pram, as Nanny Rose walked slowly along, looking very smart in her spotless starched apron and dress, and nodding to one or two elderly ladies, who exclaimed in delight at the sight of a baby in a pram, and made cooing noises at him. He knew she would stop and buy him an ice cream later, when nobody could see him eating it, and he lay back contentedly, with his caring Nanny smiling at him fondly.