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Sissy Baby Tallulah Precious

Hello everybody.


My name is Tallulah Precious.

I am a sissy girl baby who's delighted to be happy in my girlyness.  I love cuddly toys, children’s TV and pink things.  I also can't get enough of friendly ladies with big boobs who are happy to be mummy or nanny to me or even a very dirty big sister!


I've known I was into being an adult baby since my late teens, but with one thing and another I wasn't able to explore myself for ages and have been letting my inner baby out bit by bit over the years.  I visited a nursery for the first time last year (it was great) and now I'm unashamedly Tallulah Precious the naughty horny sissy who loves hugs and cuddles.


One of my favourite times so far has been when a nice lady I saw dressed  me up in a pink dress, sprayed perfume on me then showed me off to her friend who had a go at me for saying hello to a lady with my cock on show and asked the lady to spank me.


With Miss Abigail’s help though I've made a big baby breakthrough in that I can now wet my nappies when I want to, so now I can make plenty of mess for my grown ups to deal with.


I plan to enjoy my filthiest year yet involving doing lots more with my nice soft bum, finding a good looking guy with a big stiff cock for me to service, I've had a great time with a big black strap on before (at both ends) but I'm longing to taste the real thing and building up my baby and lady wardrobe with loads of cute clothes and sexy undies so that when I reach my next pervy pleasure experience I can really dress up and just doing all the naughty sissy slutty things I can.


Being a baby is best!

Bye bye


Tallulah Precious