"I was born male with a tiny organ which sadly stayed small.

 I was adopted by a nice couple but told to call them Auntie and Uncle they are dead now


years ago I did date a few girls but as each progressed to the bedroom,

my tiny cock was mocked and laughed at by them all. I was called a sissy etc


So my confidence dipped greatly and I accepted a life dedicated to being a baby girl,

because I deserved to be and always got on better with girls


I decided to be 3 years old always made my own Cot and bedroom is my Nursery


I live alone, work from Home so dress accordingly.

in work my mind pretends to play the role of adult yet a baby girl is the real me


I often thought about visiting a Mummy but never have or even progressed my need elsewhere.


THEN I saw the inspiring Site of Mummy Amanda with her Nannies


I knew this was my kismet and phoned Mummy.

Mummy was so kind, loving and totally understanding, even calling me darling.

I was so overjoyed tears appeared, affecting my eye makeup


Mummy chose my name and on hearing my love for the colour Pink.,

I am Baby Poppy Pink, her sissy baby girl.


SO now I have been Adopted and part of a cherished Family


I no longer feel alone and considered a baby


I am naturally submissive and need to be controlled and forever baby-fied


Mummy is very broadminded and unshockable


my Mummy is beyond Perfection and truly appreciated and loved"


Love Baby Poppy Pink