Sissy Caroline


Hello Everyone


My name is Sissy Caroline

I am a Cum slut and a little sissy Girl, I was born a boy but never liked boys things. I have always felt as though there was a little girl trapped inside me who wanted to play with dollies and teddies and big men's willie's. I love to dress in silk, satin and lace. Frilly's things are fabulous and make me feel very very naughty.


Mummy Amanda says I am a very dirty sissy as I like to be used and abused. I love men and cock I never think of my willie as a man's cock it's my girl cunt mummy calls it my sticky out pussy clit. I like it when Mummy Amanda or one of her Nanny's put things into my bottom and I like it even more when big bad men push their cock in my mouth and make me swallow there cum cream.

Mummy says that not all sissy girl's like to be naughty with big mens cock in their mouth, but I do, I can't help myself and sometimes I meet men on the internet who want to fuck sissy's like me and I really have a sore mouth and bottom when they have finished with me, but I feel really good. My very best adventure was when I went out for the very first time late at night to my local park. I really wanted to go out in a sissy dress and feel excited and afraid about getting caught. I parked my car just inside the gate and walked to the pagoda, which was only five minutes from my car. I took off my coat and sat there in my pink satin smock dress, my petticoats were really stiff and made me feel girly. I had satin panties on with frills on the bottom, they matched my dress and the ribbons on my white ankle socks. A man was walking his dog and I tried to hide, but the dog ran to me and started to sniff my legs, the man called his dog but it didn't leave me and when the guy came across I expected confrontation, but he just laughed and said how old are you supposed to be ? I said five and he said I would love my cock sucked by a fucking little nancy like you. He pulled his dick out of his pants and I sucked it while he called me all the names I had dreamed of being called. When he cum he pulled his dick out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face, he put his dick away called his dog and walked away without saying another word. My new dress was stained and I felt dirty and used but so good, I have never been back to the park and I have never washed my dress, but I have wanked so many times over that night and I am so gratful to Mummy Amanda for letting me share my story with you.


Love Sissy Caroline xx