This is my true life story. I think it explains why and how I got into wearing nappies.

Hear goes:-


"I was born with Hirschsprung's disease, which means nerves were missing from part of my intestine, so having no nerves means no brain messages saying I need to evacuate my bowel, thus many an accident in the underpants department. Treatment was by surgery, to remove the affected section of bowel, by a surgical procedure known as a "pull through" (a bit like a prolapse video where the intestine comes out of the anus), cutting out all the bad bits then putting the rest back in. Well this went on until I was about 12 when I went for, which turned out to be, my final operation in that area.




Well you can imagine, up to the age of 12 I wore many a different type of ‘protection’, had more fingers, probes and maternity tampons inside my anus that I lost count and my schooling sucked.




I was about 15 or so when I realised that I actually missed having any security on and also the odd finger up my bum. But that was 36 years ago so I was all alone, no house phone let alone a mobile, I made do with using towels just to bulk out between my legs, but never brave enough to use them, I was also very mindful about putting anything up my bum apart from my own finger.




Moving on to 1995 ish and the internet was still in it’s infancy (ironic) I found an advert on an old ‘alt’ news page saying about this lady in Leeds who looked after adult babies….. so I called her, made an appointment, had a great time and my ABDL life was born.




I’ve moved on and progressed somewhat from just ABDL, I think it was down to a stressful job I was doing, so needed something to give me total separation from my ‘real life’, as I now prefer playing the sissy baby, with no more worries regarding using my sissy hole as I have a selection of butt plugs that I enjoy ‘sitting on’.




Unfortunately I don’t have any sissy dresses, as I have nowhere to store them, I only have nappies and pink plastic pants, but I do have a wild imagination, so when I get into my ABDL head space I can have whatever pretty dress I want on that I want."


sissy baby Ian x