It was the night before Christmas and just like every other house the activity in this one was no different.  “Come on baby get that stocking pinned up over the fire place or Santa won’t be able to fill it” It was an exciting time for baby since her Mummy had told her that Santa was going to give her a very magic present.  The decorations in the lounge had been finished and everything was ready for Santa right down to the 2 mince pies and a glass of milk.  “Ok time to get you changed and into your cot for the night, remember no getting out or Santa might not leave you anything.


    Baby was no ordinary little girl far from it she weighed nearly 200lb and was well into her fifties and had a tiny little cock between her nappy wrapped legs.  Mummy had her climb into the cot and soon the lights dimmed and she was left alone to fall asleep only she didn’t. After what seemed an age she very quietly climbed out of the cot, quietly opened the door and headed down the stairs, avoiding the one she knew creaked, to the lounge hoping mummy and nanny had gone to bed themselves. She was lucky they had so she lay down on the sofa and watched the flames of the fire dancing in the grate. How does Santa gets down the chimney without being burnt she wondered even though her grown up brain knew there was no such person as Santa, she didn’t care because she was really a baby even if she was adult sized and no Mummy would ever treat a normal sized baby the way she did her. Baby didn’t mind Mummy treating her the way she did because it gave her funny feeling inside her and as for other things that happened baby knew that it pleased Mummy and that was important some things though baby did not like but had to accept she was after all only a baby and also sometimes she had to be punished an example of this was she had to endure shitting her nappy which was very uncomfortable and if she complained all Mummy would say is that is what babies do, the punishment part was the length of time spent in the shitty nappy although the most humiliating time for shitty nappies was when Mummy arranged for the nappy to be filled when baby was taken out for a walk and there was nowhere to hide and baby was sure everyone knew she was wearing a nappy and had shit herself.


    Baby must have fallen asleep because she was woken with a sudden rush of warm air and opened her eyes just in time to see a cloud of soot and the fire go out. From the chimney out popped a tiny little being in a red coat with matching trousers and hood all trimmed with white fur. Baby rubbed her eyes with disbelief as the tiny figure suddenly expanded to normal man size. Ho Ho Ho who have we here Santa asked and answered himself with another naughty child couldn’t stop peeking. Never mind though you’ll still get your present but you need to do something for me since you are no ordainary baby girl.  “Ooh I see you left me mince pies and milk” Santa said in a jolly voice. “I’ve rather had my fill tonight so I’m going to let you share one but yours is going to have special cream on and if you manage to eat it all up I’ll let you have your present with only a small forfeit .  With that Santa pulled down his trousers to reveal an enormous hard erect cock. “I’ve waiting years for this since Mrs Claus doesn’t like it and all the other kids are far too young” Baby had no choice as she was mesmerised by the sight and was magically drawn to the huge weapon between Santa’s legs and was soon sucking it as if it was her favourite lolly pop. After a good few minutes Santa pulled his cock from baby’s mouth and squirted his cream onto one of the mince pies.  “now  baby girl eat that all up and you shall have your presents” Baby reluctantly ate the cream covered pie and no sooner had she finished it she found herself shrunk and impaled with the top of the Christmas tree up her arse. “There now my little fairy you will remain there until your Mummy lets you down as punishment for being naughty” With these words Santa finished pulling up his trousers vanished up the chimney lighting the fire as he disappeared.


Christmas morning came and Mummy entered the lounge and looked very bewildered. “Mummy I’m up here “ baby shouted as loud as she could.  Mummy must have heard her since she reached up and lifted her down. “I guess you must have been naughty and let Santa catch you watching” Mummy said as she put me on the floor and watched baby grow to her normal size. Baby felt something was different other than fact she wasn’t wearing a nappy since that had disappeared when she was impaled on the tree, when she looked down between her legs she saw she no longer had a cock but a proper little girl slit which for some odd reason had the lips locked together with a small padlock. Mummy saw the look on baby’s face and said that the slit was only for use by her and nanny and the many boys baby was going to be serving would still have to use the backdoor.  So baby had her greatest wish even if it was a little odd and Christmas eve ended with both Mummy and Nanny giving baby a good seeing to with their strapons before putting a nappy baby and fastening her into the cot so she could have no more night time wandering.