Monday morning started as a grey rainy day. Baby Tim looked out ofhis bedroom window, today was the day he was going on the big train to Manchester to meet his new nanny. At 10.10am the big train pulled in at the station and as he had been told to do on the phone he waited outside the main doors like a good little boy. The big black shiny car pulled up and a tall lady got out, "hello darling I'm Nanny Susan, Nanny Amanda is in the car". Holding on to his hand tightly they walked back to the car "in you get" she said. She climbed in and leaning across him to fasten his safety belt, she placed a kiss quickly on his nose, "don't look so shy " she said you'll be fine, Nanny and I have planned a lovely day for you. Tim settled down in his seat and Nanny Amanda reached across and placed a bright yellow dummy in his mouth, thank you Nanny he said he felt so sleepy. Thirty minutes later Nanny Susan was waking baby Tim, "we are here," she said, "wake up sleepy head". Climbing out of the car Tim began to feel very small, by the time he had climbed the stairs to the big nursery he felt very small indeed. Looking around him he was amazed and delighted at how clean everything was. In the corner was a big high-sided white cot with a blue and lemon Clown covered duvet and pillow; they matched the curtains exactly. The walls were green and yellow with milk coloured spots, a big border full of clowns trains and teddies ran around the walls like a moving picture. There was a big pink high chair with leather cuffs and ankle straps, "what's that for Nanny" "naughty babies" replied Nanny Amanda with a smile. The room was full of toys, big soft teddies, dolls, things that danced, things that sang, musical toys even toys that asked you questions, but best of all was a big clown that sprayed water at you and his nose lit up. Now said Nanny Amanda good boys and girls are loved naughty boys and girls are spanked and humiliated but all are bathed and fed. Leading him to the big bathroom she undressed him slowly, Tim began to squirm "what's the matter" said Nanny Amanda "ants in your pants" "no nanny" hesaid.


When Nanny took off Tim's pants she did not find ants but a very large snake. Ahasaid Nanny Amanda, Nanny Susan look what I've found, a naughty stick. Tim tried to hide his blushes, "a naughty stick Nanny what do you mean", "don't worry darling Nanny Amanda is very fond of naughty sticks and I won't tell Nanny Susan if you don't, in the bath" she said. Tim was helped into the soft white bubbles, Oh nanny how lovely, good, Ssh she said I'll bathe you. Tim lay back until suddenly under the warm soapy water he felt the firm stroking. "Nanny" "yes darling said Nanny Amanda, "Oh Nanny" Ssh said nanny. Nanny Susan will dry you I'll be back later. Tims heart raced, Nanny Susan came in "out you get" she said wrapping a huge blue towel around him. "Come on darling" Tim was taken back to the nursery and lay down on a big blue changing mat, it was covered in teddies, "count the teddies said Nanny Susan. Nanny popped in Tim’s dummy and taking the big bag of nappies selected a disposable. "We are going out" she said "so no Terrys, you'll get nappy rash". After sprinkling him with sweet smelling talcum she folded the nappy and stuck down the tabs, "now" she said "rubber or plastic pants" "oh rubber" said Tim. "Alright little man, rubber it is". The smell of rubber prevailed his nostrils and as the blue denim dungarees were pulled up over his amply padded bottom and over his soft white cotton T-shirt, he felt wonderful "look Nanny, mouses" "yes" said nanny pointing to Tims dungarees "Mickey Mouse all over your dungarees". She slid blue T-bar sandals over white socks and pinned his dummy to his shirt. "Down the apples and pears" she said. When he got down stairs Nanny Amanda smiled, "I hope you didn't tell Nanny Susan about our bathtime games" she whispered. "No Nanny" he said. He could feel his naughty stick twitching, "good" she whispered "because Nanny wouldn't like that and I would have to put you over my knee and spank you soundly". "Oh yes please Nanny," said Tim. "What's that" said Nanny Susan, "Oh nothing" said Nanny Amanda. Nanny Amanda leaned over, you're a naughty boy but I'm a naughty Nanny. She squeezed his knee firmly, "you're sleeping in the nursery but if you get frightened you can come into Nanny Susan's bed can't you" said nanny Amanda. "Yes Nanny" replied Tim, "but for now I'm taking you out". "Oh Nanny people will see me", "yes but I don't care, you'll be safe, hurry now".


     The sun was now shining and although Tim wouldn't have felt out of place in shorts the dungarees with the Mickey Mouse appliques were another matter, his heart raced. Nanny Amanda grabbed his hand, "come on, you know you want to" leading him firmly she marched him into the big Booths chemist "here" she said "give this to the assistant while I get some wet wipes and talc. "Oh no nanny no" "Oh yes Nanny yes, Nanny Susan won't save you". Just remember the bathroom and think what I intend to do later". "Please Nanny don't make me do this". "Just do it baby or you will be dealt with". The steely look in her eye and the ice cool tones of her voice left baby Tim little choice. He stood waiting while nanny stood watching, "yes may I help you?" said the young assistant, she had blonde shoulder length hair, a soft golden tan and long shapely leg. Silently (for Tims tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth) he handed her the envelope, "thank you" she said. She opened the letter her eyes darting from side to side as she read. "Oh" she gasped I yes yes of course, please wait a moment". He glanced at Nanny Amanda as she stood smiling in a very smug way, the assistant walked to her fellow worker, a tall plump brunette and handed her the letter. He saw the assistants start giggling together, his cock was ready to burst from the confines of its soft nappy and rubber pants. "Here you are sir," said the blonde passing him a huge bag of disposable nappies, "thank you for shopping at Booths the Chemist. "Oh sir" said the blonde as he turned away "you forgot your letter". He looked down and read the note, his cheeks flamed with humiliation as he read,


Dear Miss,


Please could you help Tim, he is 33 years old but badly incontinent, he needs both his nappy and dummy for bed? I am his Nanny and am unable to shop with him today. At the time you read this his nappy will be soaked with urine and he will be in dire need of a change. Many thanks for your help.


Nanny Amanda


    Tims cheeks burned, his heart raced but his cock! He could hardly explain this feeling, never had he been so hard, he felt a long strand of pre come drip onto his nappy. "Now darling" said Nanny Amanda "I bet you're ready to come home with me". "Yes please Nanny yes please". On the way home he couldn't explain how excited he felt. When they arrived back he was greeted by Nanny Susan dressed in her nurses uniform, she slowly unbuttoned the top, "feeding time" she said "breast is best" whispered Nanny Amanda. Nanny Susan settled him down on the couch while she brought a clean nappy. "Now, we will change this after our feed" she said. As he started to suck on her ample breasts he closed his eyes; his mind wandered back to Booths the Chemists. He felt a cool hand grip his cock, "Oh" he moaned, "Ssh" he heard close to his ear, " I'm going to milk every last drop of spunk out of your baby cock" Nanny Amanda  whispered. At that point the sheer sensory overload of soft breasts, cool hands and total humiliation exploded into his sopping wet nappy. "Excellent" said Nanny Susan; "wonderful" said Nanny Amanda. One-hour later baby Tim appeared bathed and clean with a soft nappy and clean rubber pants under his smart business suit. On the train station platform two elegant women hugged and kissed him, "bye dear" said Susan, "bye darling" said Amanda, and each placed a soft kiss on his lips as he boarded the train. "Lucky sod" said a fellow passenger, "one woman not enough for you. Tim smiled, if only you knew he thought.