Hi everyone. I have recently become an adopted sissy baby of the Amandom family. The fetish started in my early teens but i'm not sure how. I started by making my own plastic nappies with bin bags and padding then out with kitchen rolls. Obviously these were not very good. At the time I was also doing canoeing lessons at the local pool on a Sunday evening and couldn't help but collect unused baby nappies from the baby changing area. These were a lot better and loved the smell of them. Eventually i plucked up the courage to buy good nights from the local boots store.

Eventually as time progressed and the internet took off,  I could order in a stack of nappies. My first real girl friend was suprised one evening coming upstairs after getting a drink to find me nappied and wearing a bib in bed. She tried to get into the kink and even bought me a dummy with my name on it. The relationship lasted a further 3 months before she wanted a real man instead of a nappy wearing sissy baby.

My second girlfriend was quiet kinky. She loved water sports and even cuckolded me whilst at work. I was presented with a disc of pictures afterwards. She allowed me to wear nappies and peed in them also for me to wear. Unfortunately things didn't last and now I'm in a vanilla ish relationship.

Hence why I joined amandom to fulfill my kinky needs.

As well as a diaper lover I love to be humiliated and turned into a sissy baby. I have sucked off men before and do like a face full of spunk. I have been done with a strap on before but my ass is still awaiting a real man. Perhaps Amandom will change this! I look forward to meeting mummy and Nanny Leigh soon for humilation and sissyfication.