Hi my man name is Noel my sissy name is Baby Noelle


I was born on Christmas day 1966 & I am an accountant who is also a total sissy I love all things girly

& I love my nappy most of all.

I remember the first time I knew that I had to wear nappies forever it was when my baby sister was born

I was so jealous I hid in the understairs cupboard & would'nt come out, my life had been turned upside down

it seemed as though everything in the house had changed her room was pink, all her baby clothes were pink &

she didn't have to be a big boy & pee in the toilet at the bottom of the yard!

Until one night after I had cried because I did not want to go outside to wee,

my mum had said because it was so cold that it could be our secret & I could wear

one of my little sisters nappies it was white soft warm terry towelling & I was in heaven!

I remember my mum sitting on the bed & explaining that she still loved me even though I had a sister now & she sang the song

what are little boys made of, what are little girls made of & I knew then I wanted to be made of sugar & spice & all things nice


Well that's me Baby Noelle xxx