‘You’ve got nice skin, darling,’ she murmured softly into his ear, as she eased herself off his erect dick, and caressed his stiff little nipples lingeringly. ‘I would prefer to see you with all that hair off you though. Would you mind if I removed it, dear, I would be very careful about it, you know.’ ‘Alright, he shrugged, ‘I don’t mind you doing that.’


      Just over half an hour later, after she’d used an electric body razor, his body, his legs, and his arms, were completely bare and smooth, and she’d also removed his   eyebrows before he could stop her. She paid special attention to the area of his balls and his dick, and the cheeks of his arse. She patted perfumed talc all over him, and then sprayed his crotch and arse with scented toilet water, and Eileen, his lady friend for the last two weeks, smiled at him in delight, and looked thoughtfully at his smooth and naked body. ‘You look just like a great big baby now all that hair’s off, don’t you?’ she said dreamily, sliding her warm hands all over his hairless skin, caressing his smooth bare arse, and then running her fingers through the thick hair on his head. He grinned at her remark, as he hadn’t known her very long, and she seemed a bit odd to him at times. She had an obsession with dolls it seemed, and she had a large collection of them in all shapes and sizes, and often spent some time in undressing   and then dressing them again in various ways, just as she’d done as a little girl.


      ‘Babies don’t make love like I do though, do they?’ he retorted, reaching for her again. ‘Now behave yourself,’ she said severely, pushing his hands away, and smacking his dick gently with her hand as she saw it beginning to engorge again. They then had a short wrestling match about it, until she laughed and picked up a leather strap that they’d been using for some mild bondage play earlier, wrapped it around his ankles, and buckled it tightly.


      ‘Oh! It’s a bit more play you want, is it?’ he smiled, ‘well OK, but don’t make me wait too long for you, will you?’ ‘Perhaps,’ she cooed, ‘I’ll see,’ and then kissed him a couple of times, before she put tough leather cuffs on his wrists and padlocked them on. ‘I can still use my hands,’ he said slyly, waving them in front of her. ‘Not for long, dear,’ she said coolly, putting a blindfold on him first of all, before she put straps around the tops of his thighs and padlocked the cuffs on his wrists to them. His arms were held at his sides in that way, and he couldn’t do anything at all with them when she’d done that.


      ‘What have you done?’ he demanded in alarm, when he found himself helpless, as he couldn’t see due to the blindfold. ‘Not a lot, dear,’ she replied in amusement, as she took an efficient rubber penis gag out of a drawer, pinched his nose together, and pushed the large rubber plug into his spluttering mouth as he opened it to speak again. The straps went over his head and around his neck, and were buckled up firmly and tightly, allowing only faint whines and gurgles to be heard through the rubber pad covering his partly open and well-filled mouth.


      ‘That’s much better,’ she giggled, flicking his nipples with her fingernails, and grinning in enjoyment when she heard faint squeals coming from him, and he wriggled desperately beneath her as she straddled his helpless body. She’d wanted to do this to him since she met him just over a fortnight earlier, but hadn’t had the chance up to that moment. And what she wanted to do was to dress him up just like one of her baby dolls, preferably a baby girl, and cuddle him as if he was a real baby girl and she was his Nanny. She was quite well off financially, and didn’t go out to work, and Morris, her new boy friend was out of work anyway, and was relying on her to support him for a while.


      She pulled a suitcase out from under the bed, opened it, and took out a large adult size nappy, pushed it under his arse, and took the strap off his ankles so that she could open his legs. She pulled the crotch section up over his balls and his dick, and pressed the Velcro pad onto the front of the nappy, and then closed the other Velcro connections firmly around his waist. ‘There we are,’ she breathed in satisfaction, ‘you’re all nicely protected now little girl, so we can put your other things on now, can’t we precious?’ She knew he couldn’t speak, and she was just talking to herself, as she often did when playing with and dressing her collection of dolls.


      A pair of large pink plastic pants came out of the same suitcase as the nappy next. They were obviously made for a girl, and they were patterned with pretty flowers, but that was just right as far as Eileen was concerned, because she was used to dressing baby girl dolls anyway, and she slid them up his smooth bare legs as far as she could for the time being. These were followed by a pair of short white woollen bootees with pink satin ribbons in them that she tied in neat bows at the front of his ankles to prevent them from slipping off his feet.


      She pulled his legs off the bed, and assisted him to stand up at the side of the bed. She then pulled the plastic pants right up around his waist to cover the nappy, and sat him down on the side of the bed, ignoring the plaintive noises forcing their way through the gag, as he shook his head frenziedly. ‘Now baby must be quiet and sit still,’ she admonished him, ‘Nanny is going to put some clothes on baby now, and baby girls have to do as they’re told by their Nanny.’


      She put an ivory coloured adult baby style satin dress over his head, which came down to his knees, and this of course enclosed his restrained arms, then she strapped his ankles together again, and laid him back down onto the bed. A matching baby’s bonnet with a frilly lace edging, and which tied under the chin was put on his head over the straps of the penis gag. He was still blindfolded, and getting very alarmed and frustrated at what was going on, and not being able to either speak or see, and unable to do anything about it, which bothered him even more. She left him like that on the bed for some time, wriggling desperately and in vain to get loose, while she busied herself with other things, and when she came back she took the bonnet off his head and removed the gag.


      He gasped in relief, and promptly demanded that she set him free. She smiled, shook her head, and kissed his cheek, but she ignored his demands, and began to shave his face carefully. When that was done, she spread a cosmetic cream all over his face and neck, and as he was still complaining bitterly about it all, she stuffed a large dummy baby soother into his mouth to keep him quiet while the cream soaked into his skin. He couldn’t push it out with his tongue, and he went red in the face trying to do so.


      ‘Don’t be a naughty baby,’ she scolded when she saw what he was trying to do, ‘just relax until that cream has soaked into your skin, and Nanny will take the dummy out again.’ She did too, but only because she wanted to put more cosmetics onto his face and neck. That took over an hour, because she was always very meticulous about make-up, and always made sure that it was properly applied. By the time she was finished his face looked exactly like that of a female, without a doubt, and she was highly delighted with herself. And of course, with her new baby girl as well, even if baby did have a nice penis and a pair of balls inside the nappy and the plastic pants, just waiting for her to remove them and play with those nice bits of him, just as she sometimes did with one or two of her specially made baby boy dolls.


      She lifted her helpless baby, and propped him up with pillows, then went away for a few minutes and came back with a feeding bottle filled with a warm milk mixture of some kind. She then got onto the bed beside him and cuddled him to her breasts and removed the gagging dummy to insert the nipple end of the bottle into his mouth, despite him trying to turn his head away. ‘Don’t be a naughty girl,’ she said severely, sliding her hand down to his crotch and squeezing him between the legs. A muted yell was the result of that, and he sucked feverishly on the nipple after that until the bottle was almost empty. ‘That’s a good girl,’ she murmured softly, sliding one of her own, now erect, nipples down his cheek, and into the corner of his mouth, as she pulled out the nipple on the bottle and inserted her breast fully into his gasping mouth. ‘Lick it baby,’ she breathed into his ear, ‘lick the nipple, darling, and Nanny will be ever so nice to you.’


      He took that to mean that she was going to set him free shortly afterwards, so he commenced to lick and suck her breast and nipple avidly, to the surprise and delight of Eileen, who began to get aroused as her nipples and breasts firmed up and her cunt moistened, but she took it to mean that he loved being treated as an adult baby girl, and wanted more of the same.


      Down came Baby’s plastic pants, and the nappy was swiftly opened, leaving his balls and his half-erect dick in full view of Nanny’s gaze. She had no knickers on, but she was still wearing her nightie, so she lifted it up at once, and took hold of Baby’s dick, pushed the foreskin right back, and wanked it until it was fully erect, stiff, and throbbing.


      At that point, she straddled his secured body and guided his dick into her ready and slippery cunt. It slid right up inside her, as he moaned with pleasure, and she ground herself down on him and nibbled on one of his ears. She then burst into action and pounded Baby into the mattress for the next ten minutes, her luscious plump and attractive pink arse going up and down on him rapidly, and she had two orgasms while doing so. Her ‘baby girl’ lay helplessly beneath her, trussed up in the tough unrelenting straps. He wasn’t gagged, but he hadn’t the breath to speak at all.


      She got off him, gave him a dazzling smile, and went for a shower. She came back smelling of scented soap, and carrying a large baby’s chamber pot, took the strap off his ankles and got him up off the bed. She plonked his arse onto the pot, telling him to have a pee and open his bowels, like a good little girl. He refused to do what she said, so she sighed, and shook her head, got him up off the chamber pot and took him into the bathroom. He was bent over the side of the bath and given two thorough soapy enemas, and then put under the shower A large tampon was then inserted up his arsehole, and after she’d dried him she walloped his arse a dozen times with a rubber and leather paddle for not doing as Nanny had said.


      She fastened a clean nappy onto him, and pulled the plastic pants up into place. ‘Who’s a spotlessly clean little girl then?’ she cooed at his furious face, ‘and baby mustn’t look at her Nanny like that, or baby will have her botty spanked again, won’t she? I think Nanny will have to take her baby girl downstairs and teach her how to behave with her Nanny. Yes! That’s what I’ll do. Come along little girl, I think Nanny will have to be a bit firmer with you from now on.’


      He was blindfolded, and led out of the room and down two flights of stairs. He didn’t know where he was, because he didn’t remember there being two flights of stairs, then he remembered that there was a cellar under the house, although he’d never been down there, or even wanted to go down there. He heard a light switch go on, and then the blindfold was removed, and he gazed around the large room in amazement.


      More than half of it was furnished just like a Nursery, with a large adult size cot and various baby things, and there were rows of dolls, all sitting or standing around the walls on shelves, and dressed in all sorts of little clothes. He knew she was obsessed with dolls, but he didn’t know she had all these down in the cellar, which had been transformed into a Nursery. There were also a couple of very lifelike and full size rubber dummies, one male and one female, both dressed only in underwear. The male dummy didn’t have a dick of its own, but it had a large strap-on fitted around its waist and hips, with an 8inch long dummy penis standing out erotically from the boxer shorts, and the female dummy had a bra and a long black back-lacing corset on it under a pair of scarlet satin French knickers. The other part of the cellar appeared to be fitted out with some equipment that he didn’t recognise, but the fittings had straps attached to all of them


      ‘You know,’ she said thoughtfully, with a glazed look on her face and her finger to her mouth, as she looked him up and down carefully, ‘I think I’ll keep you as my special Baby Doll. Yes! That’s what I’ll do. You can live here with my other dollies, and I’ll look after you from now on. Oh! We’ll have some wonderful times together darling, you and me, playing with all the dollies, and I’ll dress you in the nicest frocks and undies, and sometimes I’ll take you out in your baby buggy. Now won’t that be just marvellous?’


      She’s gone stark staring bonkers, he said to himself, as he looked at her in horror at the thought of it all. He struggled like mad to get loose from his restraints, but it was a waste of time, as the straps didn’t loosen in the slightest, and she promptly bent him over a fitting, removed his plastic pants and the nappy, and spanked his bottom hard with her hand, then gagged him with when he began to swear at her.


      She permed his long hair later on, put a Baby Doll nightie on him and put him to   bed in the cot. He was still fastened up though, and when he complained about being kept in bondage she fastened him face down and bent over a padded bench, with his legs held wide apart by a spreader bar. After putting some lubrication up his arse, she strapped the male dummy to his restrained legs and body, and inserted its strap-on right up his arsehole. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then switched on the vibrator inside the strap-on. It also made the dummy’ arse go up and down on him as well, and she varied the sensations he was getting for half an hour or so, until he sagged down, completely shagged out, after shooting his load twice.


      ‘That’s what happens to naughty girls who misbehave,’ she sniffed at him, ‘they get attacked by men with huge dicks, like Rubber Robert here, and he shags them without mercy, so watch it Baby, or he’ll come back and visit you again.’


      He moaned in despair, and he’s probably still moaning, as he’s still there. But Baby is always nicely dressed, sometimes in long pantalets down to the ankles under a crinoline dress and with a large brimmed straw hat on her head. Strictly corseted of course, to hold her firmly upright in her high-heeled shoes. At other times she could be dressed in a smart frock over a slip and satin panties with only a girdle holding up her 10-denier nylons.  Or perhaps a tight skirt and a blouse instead of a frock if Eileen prefers it. They aren’t exactly baby clothes, but Eileen dresses her dolls in the way that she wants them to be dressed.


      If she complains or uses bad language at those times, a stainless steel wire gag holds her mouth wide open for an hour or so. She’s strapped to one of the fixtures, she can’t move or speak, and Eileen plays with her other dolls instead of Baby.


      Alternatively, she trusses him up with rope, and fucks the arse off him in the large cot. It just depends on what time of the month it is for Eileen, and a Baby Doll is available at all times.


      He hasn’t been introduced to Rubber Rosalind yet though. I wonder if . . .!