Baby Daniel







My name is Baby Daniel and I have had the honour of being asked to be Mummy Amanda's baby of the month.


I am an adult baby boy, who loves being cheeky and playing with my toys.

I also love testing my Mummy and Nanny’s patience, but sometimes I get into

trouble which mean's I get spanked until my bottom is red and stinging.

Of course being a baby boy I love breast feeding with Mummy and cuddle time with my Nanny.

I think my need to be babied started when I was eight years old, my dad left my mum for her best friend,

And my mum just seemed to be angry all the time after that. I began to wet the bed and my mum took me to see the Doctor, who told her I was feeling insecure and advised my mum to put me into nappy's and pull up's at night. So my Mum bought nappy's and pull up’s to stop me from wetting the bed sheet's because she said I was a dirty filthy boy and she was sick of all the extra washing. I did grow out of bed wetting but never told my mum as by that time I could not sleep without my nappy.

Unfortunately after my father left, I never really felt the same love from my mother as she always said I looked like him and that I reminded her of what a bastard he was and what he did to us. Ever since then I have always yearned for the warmth and love that only a mother can give and now I have mummy Amanda I have loads of love, So don’t feel sorry for me because I LOVE being an adult baby.


Love & Cuddles

Baby D xoxo