Baby Bonnie


Hello all,


I’m Sissy Baby Bonnie and I want to be the cutest sissy baby EVER!

I’m very happy to be Baby of the Month. I’ve enjoyed being an adult baby for many years and recently joined Mummy’s wonderful adoption scheme and it’s great! I’m learning all the time about how to be a good little sissy and I know Mummy and  Miss Elizabeth have a lot more in store for me and I can’t wait. I love to wear little girl dresses and baby dresses so I look adorable and of course my thick and full nappies should be evident to whoever is around so they can tease me with baby talk about how it’s obvious that this outfit is so appropriate for me.


I really don’t remember anything about my first childhood until I was a teenager. I went to a small mixed boarding school and I became increasingly aware that I was a bit different to other boys. I was very slight and thin and had very long hair (love heavy metal) and spent most of my free time hanging out with the girls and soon knew that I wanted to wear girls’ clothes. I didn’t have the confidence to crossdress at the time but I remember one fancy dress party where I couldn’t think of a costume, so the young housemother, who I had a MASSIVE crush on,  jokingly said she had a French maid outfit that would fit me. I blushed bright red and stuttered a weak refusal that I hoped sounded cool and to this day I wonder if she knew how much I wanted to say yes!


Maybe that was when I realised I was submissive and it is still my favourite fantasy to submit to strong, beautiful women as they take control of such basic choices as what to wear or eat and so on.


So that’s me, Sissy Baby Bonnie, I don’t want to be bratty (ok, maybe a bit), but no sissy baby is going to be cuter than me, and I’ll do whatever it takes to prove it!


Smiles, hugs and ...


Baby Bonnie