How I became an adult baby


It started years ago when I was quite young, I can remember waking up wet in bed 3 to 4 times a week and being rather shy telling my mum that the bed sheets and pyjamas needed washing again. Luckily there were two old fashioned rubber sheets over lapping my bed and protecting the mattress,a dark red one and the other orange, I liked the red one the best.


I can remember when we went on a family holiday I was 9 or 10 at the time, it was my job to take the rubber sheets off the bed and place them in the suit case, so that mummy could place them on the bed in the caravan so the bed would not be stained, I had very little to drink in the evenings, because of what would happen with the smell of the wet sheets.


Just before secondary school when we would have to go on trips for up to a week, I was taken to see the doctor to find out why I was still wetting the bed so much and given some medicine, although the rubber sheets stayed on for a month in case of accidents. They were then kept in a drawer but I found the red one under a few sheets and the orange right at the bottom. Every now and again I would put the red back on the bed but was caught doing it and was told I no longer had to do that, so they were hidden away.


When I did a paper round in the summer I can remember always seeing fluffy terry nappies and baby pants on the washing line at a house.


Later on I went past a chemist shop that was closing down and in the window was a red rubber cot sheet which I purchased to keep for a later time.


Since then I have bought several books with phone numbers and stories about nappies and plastic pants and enjoyed them.


I have bought adult nappies and plastic pants over the years, and now wear them every night and even have a plastic sheet and recently bought a rubber sheet to protect the double bed which I sleep in, because from time to time I have woken up with a wet patch.


I thought about phoning a mummy a few years ago, but have only  had the courage to speak on the phone and become Mummy Amanda's adopted baby last August my training has become very interesting indeed as she has started to anally stretch me which is very exciting                              .


Love Baby Bluebell