My name is Baby Angela and I have just been adopted by Mummy Amanda and her lovely Amandom family.

I have only recently become a baby although I have thought about it for many years. It is the humiliation, wetting and soiling both in and out of nappies, being abused and being punished that have attracted me to being one of Mummy Amanda’s babies rather than the fluffy toys and being fed in a high chair. I don’t have any fluffy toys, bibs or that sort of thing but I love my nappies and plastic pants. I am also going to get some sissy baby clothes.The best bit about a nappy is being able to soil it, you get such a comfortable and secure feeling lying in bed with a wet and dirty nappy and being able to pee again and again without having to get up.


There have been occassions in my life where I have been used as a slave, but not often enough! I love being used as a toilet and over the years I have managed to find various ladies and gentlemen to use me as a toilet for piss, shit and puke, but again, not enough!  I especially love all of those three things being done on me although I do enjoy doing them myself as well.  Being used as a toilet is really my favourite thing. Some of them have also whipped and punched me which was an excellent experience, especially when you look at the marks afterwards.


I am stretching my bottom at the moment so that it can be used by Mummy Amanda and anyone else she wants to use it. Hopefully it will get so large that it will take all sorts of things with ease. I am a slutty baby and want to be abused and humiliated for the pleasure of Mummy Amanda and her family and friends. I am happy for both ladies and gentlemen to use me.


I haven’t yet been able to try public humiliation, either as a baby or as a slave which is a side I want to explore more with Mummy Amanda when I visit. Most of my experiences have been with partners who didn’t really understand the situation or with professional ladies who seemed to have no interest in me as a person.  Consequently most of the experiences (although not all of them) were rather unrealistic and unsatisfying. I am really glad to have found such an understanding and accepting lady as Mummy Amanda. She is such an easy and relaxing person to talk to and I felt really comfortable

and at home from the first moment that I spoke to her.


Love Baby Angela