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A Gift For Grace

By Scarlet Scandal

It was Christmas Eve and Grace Lynch was sat by her fireplace reading. There were few signs of the holiday season in her quiet home, just a small artificial tree barely 18 inches high and liberally decorated with silver tinsel sitting on a table in the corner with a handful of presents scattered around it.


It wasn’t that Grace disliked Christmas, she just didn’t get it. It was like everyone else in the world knew the secret of a happy Christmas but her. Even when she had still been Graham and opened presents of toy cars and football shirts she had still felt unfulfilled. She wasn’t sad or angry about that, she truly wanted everyone to have a great Christmas but it was just how she was, Christmas made her feel empty.


Now it was Christmas Eve and Grace was grateful that it would soon be all over for another year and she could go back to normal and not feel so left out. She sipped a glass of red wine and continued reading her book as the fire flickered.


Grace looked upwards as there was a gentle thud from above, she was about to return to her book when the flames in the fire went out in a puff of smoke. She rose from the chair to relight it but stepped back as she saw a pair of black boots among the logs. A large man in a red coat and trousers stepped out of the fireplace and the flames immediately returned. Grace stood there shocked until the large man spoke with a deep jolly voice.


“Ah hello Grace, I’m Santa Claus”


And Grace immediately knew it was true, it was like the man’s aura forbade any scepticism. Santa stood there beaming and handed Grace a red duffel coat.


“Every year I choose an assistant to help me deliver presents all over the world, and this year, Grace Lynch, I have chosen you.”


Grace was stunned but took Santa’s offered hand and they stepped towards the fireplace as once again the flames went out. It should have been a tight squeeze but Santa was soon helping Grace climb out of her chimney and onto the roof. She gasped at the sight of the huge sleigh before them and the herd of reindeer waiting to pull it.


Grace and Santa climbed into the seats and Grace was immediately surprised by how warm she was, she had the coat buttoned up all the way and as they took to the sky she felt the air riffling through her long hair but it was a crisp feeling more than cold as she looked over the side at the houses of all shapes and sizes and the array of Christmas lights in dazzling colours. She looked ahead at the reindeer, they seemed to be trotting rather than galloping and she couldn’t stop herself from asking Santa questions.


“Shouldn’t we be going faster Santa? How will we deliver presents all over the world at this speed?”


The corners of Santa’s beard rose in a huge smile.


“Everyone always wants to go faster! All in good time, if we go too fast you’ll miss all of the glorious sights below. I feed the reindeer time dilation carrots so we don’t need to rush but if you really insist we’ll give them a good gallop later on!”


Grace smiled like an eager child before being overcome by a wave of guilt at her unexpected happiness.


“Santa, this is all really wonderful but shouldn’t you have chosen a child to assist you? Children love Christmas.”


Santa looked down at Grace with a solemn look on his face.


“That generosity, Grace Lynch, is why you have always been on the Nice List. Yes, normally I would take a littler boy or girl, but I’ve been watching you for a long time and you remined me that everyone needs a little magic at Christmas, even you, or rather, especially you.”


Grace blushed at the answer she had received and there was a silent pause until Santa broke it with a loud belly laugh.


“I think now is the perfect time for that gallop, don’t you Grace?”


Grace nodded happily as Santa urged the reindeer to pick up the pace and they were soon roaring through the air as the world slept beneath them.


Too soon all the presents were delivered and Grace felt a tinge of disappointment as they cruised to a gentle landing on the roof of her home. Santa helped her from the sleigh and over to the chimney. Grace’s living room was just as she had left it. She took off the red duffel coat and held it out to return to Santa, unsure what to say as she tried to process the events and emotions of the night. Santa waved away the offered coat and told her to keep it before producing a final gift and handing it to Grace.


“Go upstairs and open it.” He said jovially.


Grace went upstairs and untied the ribbon, inside the box was a beautiful red silk bra and panty set. She removed her clothes and put the bra on, immediately feeling sexy as the soft silk cushioned her small breasts before indulging in the cool sensation of pulling the panties up her legs. She smiled as she looked in the mirror at the gorgeous sight reflected back at her. She turned her head and saw Santa in the doorway.


“Even nice girls like to feel naughty sometimes.” He said as he removed his jacket.


Grace watched as this larger than life man undressed, her eyes following the great white beard down to the great big belly and down to his great big cock! First she gasped and then she smiled as she contemplated his huge size. She climbed onto the bed, she stayed on all fours instinctively, knowing that she wanted that huge cock in her tight virgin bottom, she closed her eyes in anticipation. She was not disappointed as she felt him push his way inside her and she pushed back, wanting more and more of his great shaft in her. She sighed with pleasure as each thrust sent a fresh wave of heat even deeper inside. She moaned, wishing that his dick would grow and expand in her body, and that was how it felt as he pushed and she pushed back, taking as much as she could and still wanting more, moaning and pushing her hips until finally he roared his orgasm into Grace as she screamed her response in previously unknown joy.


As the ripples of sex dissipated they finally disconnected and Grace rolled onto her back in exhaustion as Santa smiled in satisfaction. He dressed in silence before leaving the room and leaving Grace to the warm glow shimmering through her body.


Grace wasn’t sure how long she lay in her euphoric haze but it seemed an age until she felt a warm hand on hers. She opened her eyes and they were immediately met by a kindly and beautiful face, Grace was startled for a moment until the kindly woman’s expression seemed to soothe her.


“Hello dear, I’m Mother Christmas, Santa’s wife.”


Grace suddenly felt fear and shame rush through her body until the woman laughed gently.


“Don’t worry dear, I’m not angry. When you’ve been married as long as Santa and I have you don’t worry about that sort of thing. Besides, it’s our job, and our passion incidentally, to make people happy and give them what they want. Even if like you, they don’t know what they want until it’s presented to them.”


There was no falsehood, and no anger, in Mother Christmas’ face or voice as she spoke. Grace smiled coquettishly at the mention of her desire, indeed she hadn’t realised how much she had wanted such passion until the opportunity arose.


“But now Grace, it’s time for bed so let’s get you ready.”


Understandably, Grace did feel tired and happily submitted to Mother Christmas as she helped Grace into a pink cotton nightdress, she then gently pushed Grace’s shoulder to encourage her to lay down. Only when Grace felt powder on her skin did she question what was happening and sat up as Mother Christmas unfolded a large disposable nappy.


“Just trust me Grace.”


It was said with such kindness and such authority that it felt impossible to refuse so Grace let her head fall to the pillow again. As Mother Christmas tucked her in to her nice warm bed she spoke conspiratorially.


“You see Grace, Santa and I chose you because we messed up. You were always on the Nice List yet you seemed so sad at this time of year. We finally realised that you’d never had the right Christmas experience because you grew up as a little boy instead of the little girl you were supposed to be. So now that you’ve had your big girl present, it’s time for you to enjoy your first Christmas as a little girl, hence the nappy. But I will tell you another secret, Christmas is always better in nappies for girls like you so just relax and enjoy it. After all, who would know better than Mummy Christmas?”


Grace couldn’t fault the logic and she was far too tired to try and argue so she nodded her head slowly and closed her eyes as ‘Mummy Christmas’ kissed her on the forehead and switched off the light as she left the room.


Grace awoke, feeling well-rested. It seemed impossible that so much had happened in one night so Grace checked herself and sure enough, she found she was wearing the pink nightdress and the pink baby pants and she was shocked to find that the nappy she was wearing was wet.


She climbed out of bed and went over to the window and saw deep snow on the ground. She stretched her arms and turned and did a double-take when she saw it. On the door of her wardrobe was the most wonderful dress. She felt the material, velvet, deep red velvet, with a small white collar trimmed with lace. It had long sleeves with white cuffs and more lace trimmings.


Grace quickly rushed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and tidy her hair a little and then rushed back to try on the dress. She thought for a moment about taking off the wet nappy but it felt warm and nice so she left it on. As she looked in the mirror Grace saw the true wonder of the dress. It could easily be worn on a night out and look sexy but just as easily it could make her feel very young and little, like she felt now, although she reasoned that the wet nappy might have something to do with that feeling.


She smiled at her appearance and left her room to go downstairs. The living room was transformed! There were decorations everywhere and sparkling lights around the windows and in the far corner stood a tall tree decorated with lights and tinsel and wrapped presents all around it. She went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee and sat in her armchair. She took one sip of her coffee, smiled mischievously and spoke to the empty room.


“Right, that’s enough patience, let’s see what all this stuff is!”


She picked up the first present and ripped at the shiny blue paper and inside was a lovely red teddy bear, which she hugged tightly for a minute or two before placing her gently in her vacated armchair.


A short while later there was discarded wrapping paper everywhere and piles of grown-up and little girl clothes in her size, there were dolls and more cuddly toys, several large packs of nappies, wipes, bottles, sippy-cups and dummies.


Grace was throwing the paper in the air and laughing uncontrollably as it fell around her, having the time of her life and sharing it with her new dolls and cuddly toys until the spell was broken by the sound of her doorbell ringing.


As Grace opened her front door she saw atall, extremely handsome man wrapped in a big coat but still looking rather cold.


“Hi, um, Merry Christmas! Sorry to bother you. My, er, car broke down. I called the AA but well, obviously it’s Christmas Day so they don’t know how long they’ll be…”


He bumbled his words out of nerves and cold but Grace had got lost in the man’s eyes which were warm and kind.


“…And your house was the nearest so I wondered if I could wait inside, in the warm? Don’t want to be stuck waiting in a cold car on Christmas Day of all days.”


It was a couple of seconds after he stopped speaking that Grace recovered herself.


“Gosh, yes, of course, come in please, I’ll make you some coffee.”


The man smiled gratefully and shuffled into the hallway.


“Michael, my name is Michael Sims.”


He said a little more confidently as he unbuttoned his coat.




She responded shyly, turning her head away momentarily. She looked into his strong face and bit her lip, suddenly, she was acutely aware of the type of presents strewn around her living room, not to mention the wet nappy she hadn’t wanted to change. She pointed toward the kitchen, she tried to look away from him but his eyes seemed to follow hers until they locked onto each other’s.


And in that moment she knew she didn’t have to worry about any of those things. Michael strode to the kitchen, as Grace closed the front door, she looked up to the sky and said in just louder than a whisper


“Thank you Santa.”


The End